Maranello, 12 July 2021.— Ferrari launches another oustanding project, going ahead with the brand diversification development on going: a special book dedicated to the Monza SP1/SP2, one of the most extraordinary cars in Ferrari’s history and the first of the Icona series, telling a story of inspiration, evolution and creation concentrated in this enthralling new publication.

From the earliest sketches made by the Styling Centre to the heat and alchemy of the foundry, via the dramatic high speed turns of the Mugello circuit and the beauty of the surrounding Tuscan countryside, this is an unprecedented document of a highly singular Ferrari. The book also delves into Ferrari’s early competition history, and reproduces some of the most outstanding and atmospheric motorsport images ever captured. And it explores the stories of the great heroes who helped put the original Monza and its competition siblings on the map during the first decade of the Company’s existence.

The new Monza’s minimalist form language might be reminiscent of Ferrari’s earliest ‘barchetta’ road and racing cars, but it pushes the design language in a significant new direction. ‘It is such a particular car,’ Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari Chief Design Officer, explains. ‘It has a completely different architecture. The fascination for me wasn’t in recalling the forms of the past, it was to create a new animal. My team and I understood that there was a chance to make a shape that was really pure, really sensual. The past is a universal force representing Ferrari, but never forget the importance of modernity and an original approach.’

The “Ferrari Monza SP1/SP2” is a volume like no other: if the Monza is a kinetic sculpture, then this book aims to be an artwork in its own right too.

Published in a stunning large format and printed on the highest quality eco-friendly Italian art paper, the book is enriched with details that reference the car itself:  carbon-fibre binding, a spine in the same leather used for some of the cockpit trim and a stunning slipcover lined entirely in Alcantara.

Inside, “Ferrari Monza SP1/Sp2” book offers unprecedented access to the creative, engineering and manufacturing processes that culminated in this remarkable car through previously unseen photographs and images as well as words.

The “Ferrari Monza SP1/SP2” book will be available in a limited edition of 499 pieces, matching the number of SP1/SP2 cars being made in this new special series. Each book are signed by the key people who helped realise the car and will be ready to be pre-ordered online at

Source: Ferrari

Photographs: Ferrari

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